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Toyota to recall the event makes China the door with the car owners encountered a different fate treatment, the United States, "recalled home" subsidy cost of transport, and China with cars of different "life", Wuhan Toyota owners question the "no compensation." This difference in treatment should be aware of the need for China to support domestic products owners. Can not guarantee the rights of the owner, obviously is the owner of the unfair treatment of China, the Chinese owners can not enjoy their most basic rights, then the owner of any reason why the Chinese continue to buy Toyota Car What?

In fact, in China, although Toyota RAV4 recall only a model, not the number of recalled more than 100,000, but consumer confidence has been shaken Toyota. Held a Portal a "recall the incident, you will buy Toyota," the survey, as of 1 pm yesterday, a total of 184,060 users involved in the investigation, in which 132,928 people answered "no", 72.2% .

In the new car market, Toyota's enthusiasm for consumers is cooling. Toyota Motor Corporation in China had launched a new car each, almost all need to line up to buy the fare increase, whether this is because the Toyota production orders, or because of Toyota's "hunger Sell Law ", but just had a premise that Chinese consumers love the brand for Toyota. To the second half off the assembly line last year, Toyota RAV4, for example, just a month ago, this car also need to increase 10 000 Yuan, waiting two months to put cars, but yesterday, the first gas from Toyota Motor Sales staff said, the best selling Deluxe Edition RAV4 2.0-liter manual already offers 2,000 yuan, 45 days after the mentioned vehicles. When asked " provide vehicles to increase the number of "time, the staff replied:" have cut prices, and where there is increase ah? "Another Toyota dealer Toyota staff in the industry said that Toyota now buy" sent to compulsory insurance in addition, there are other benefits ", the promotion policy will continue until the end of in Mar..

Chinese-made cars are a meteoric rise, and gradually occupy the Chinese market, in January 2009 to September, domestic auto sales 9.6127 million and 9.6627 million, of which two-passenger car sales over seven million, an increase of 37.93% and 41.90%, the highest growth rate of a record. The first 3 quarters, independent brands were sold 3,197,700 passenger cars, up 57.42 percent, accounting for 44.16% of total passenger car sales, retaining its position as market share first. Adhere to the road of independent research and development has been Harbin Hafei Automobile Group Research and Development Center Yang made the chief architect of that, although the joint venture Cooperation Good for improving the manufacturing level, but some independent research and development of national industry must adhere to, because the real core technology will not give you foreign. Practice of the year as evidenced by the large aircraft project, rely on independent research and development joint venture to give up on China's national industry for more harm than good.

Constantly recall the face of foreign cars, the Chinese owners have recognized a common problem with foreign cars, and recall problems, as the interests of protection after the recall, foreign auto companies in China will give owners the answer is ambiguous. Because the Chinese owners should buy one of China's national car, not just the pet outside.

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Toyota recalls of Chinese car owners should support domestic products - Toyota, Toyota recall, Toyot

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This article was published on 2011/04/01