Toyota Pressed By US Transportation

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On Wednesday, US Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood urged Toyota to handle a mass safety recall after its recent gas pedal problems which brought about mounting woes to the Japanese automaker in recent time.

The secretary said that possible causes for problems in Toyota hybrid are and will be under investigation by US safety officials as well as their Japanese counterparts.


According to a letter, sudden acceleration also occurs in Toyota's Tacoma trucks although their pedal assemblies are different from the 5.3 million recalled vehicles. Legislators said they would be working on this problem.


On February 10, a congressional hearing may be held in which Toyota's top US official Yoshimi Inaba will answer about the case of Tacoma trucks.


Vehicle drivers were worried when secretary LaHood advised them to stop driving if sudden and unintended acceleration happened when he told a congressional panel. However, he reconfirmed later that the statement was obviously false. According to him, safety officials would continue to keep a close eye on Toyota to check whether the Japanese automaker was doing everything like what they had promised before about the safety for their vehicles or not.


LaHood emphasized that US Transportation would considered a penalty of about millions of dollars on Toyota for safety violations.


US Transportation announced that owners of cars with pedal acceleration should contact Toyota dealer immediately. The agency also confirmed that owners can be pleased if their cars do not experience any issues related with pedal.


US safety officials are investigating about 100 complaints of problems with Prius brakes or sudden acceleration, including two crashes which led to the injury of two people.


At the moment, investigations about 100 complaints of problems with Prius brakes or sudden acceleration, including two crashes which led to the injury of two people are being taken by US safety officials.


Toyota is the Motor Corporation who is well-known for its production of safe and dependable vehicles. However, the company has not been prestigious as it was in previous time due to recent serious safety recalls.


On Jan.26, Toyota Motor Corporation announced its 1,200 dealers in the United States to halt sales of the eight models in the recall list last week due to stuck gas pedal.


On Monday Feb.1, Toyota sent announcement to its customers saying that the company will fix the gas pedal problem which resulted in its recent recall next week. The company said pedal problem will be fixed by a piece of steel about the size of a postal stamp.


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Toyota Pressed By US Transportation

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This article was published on 2010/02/04