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As the saying goes, "weasel duck special bite disease," Toyota in the global Car Industry definitely is, "Jing Zhuang duck", but still had a bloody bite.

2009 8 months, an American with 19 years of age, high-speed police patrol driving a Lexus sedan suddenly accelerated highway in California, out of control, killing all on board 4 / In Pro lifetime, the back seat an emergency call for help passengers hit their dialogue recording in broadcast TV And Internet broadcast, the car's passengers at the last minute the helpless screaming creepy.

Later found that she was small she caused a car accident because of the front country (the driver department) the mat "slide forward and jam the gas pedal," thus impeding accelerator operations, and caused the car crash tragedy.

A car mat, Toyota, blew up about 50 years, the largest of a catastrophic crisis, "mat" incident also Yuyan heat. Toyota now for "mat door" recall the number of cars has exceeded 8 million, involving Europe, North America, China, Middle East, this number even more than the Toyota global sales of 7.18 million last year!

And Jan. 26 Toyota USA Sell The company announced that it will suspend sales of 8 models in the U.S. car, while the temporary closure of some production lines to stop the production of these models. According to industry estimates, due to Foot problems may recall more than 10 million vehicles, due to the recall and some models may be discontinued direct loss caused by more than one billion U.S. dollars. The incident triggered crisis hit the Toyota Motor Corporation's stock. It is reported that Toyota had shares losing streak on the 5th, the week down 15% of the total market value of 25 billion U.S. dollars evaporating. Meanwhile, the comments of a few institutions will also be placed on negative watch on it.

This, the foreign media that the incident not only Toyota's reputation will suffer great damage, its brand status has also been an unprecedented crisis. And that the incident involving the reputation of Japanese cars, Toyota's reputation damaged, and may even destroy confidence in the Japanese manufacturing industry, so that was once known for quality, "Made in Japan" has been hit hard.

No one expected that a small car mats would be so terrible! Not only to the life of motorists, it will be the life of the enterprise. Toyota

fact lead to security risks because of an unexpected acceleration has not the first time, back in 2007, Lexus ES350 and Toyota Camry on a small scale to recall about 55,000 vehicles as mats and throttle problems pedal cards issues Depot Repair, Toyota once again had to let the tragedy attention from this issue.

"Friends of cars," Li Yang, deputy editor of Toyota in the Interpretation of "mat" incident, said: mats spread on the driver's feet, if no reliable fixed, it will shift forward. This may have two problems, one pad to press down the accelerator pedal, and it produced a sudden acceleration problem, there is a more serious problem, probably after the Mats curly, can not play most of the braking force, these two the impact can be fatal.

Feet do not belong in this high-tech products, but the mats and Automotive Safety Closely related. Foot size is too large or too small will result in the brake pad during the shift, if your pedal was stuck or hooked mats, it may cause traffic accidents. U.S. NHTSA data show that about 100 cases and Toyota-related accidents, caused by the unconscious result of the accelerated sliding pads 17 from the collision, five people were killed since. According to Transportation Department statistics, 38% of the accidents are caused by the mats slipping caused by improper disposal.

Car mat sliding reasons, one size does not fit pads, prone to take place; two ordinary pads at the bottom of the car is generally flat, easily lead to slip, so many manufacturers are now launching with a nail or anti-skid Slide the buckle pads. "Safety mat" The concept was born.

Toyota "door mat" Let's see, no matter how the industry development, how progressive products, consumer safety is always first. Auto Accessories have always been considered the individual highlight of the product owners, so manufacturers often spare no effort in developing new products, product design, material and function of personality and down to make the effort on behalf of product safety has become an afterthought. But the "pad" incident brutally wake-up call to all businesses: to respect consumers start to respect the safety of consumers start.

Product appearance regardless of how patterns change, no matter how selling products reflect the personality, do not pay attention to product safety, not to put consumer safety first, do not respect life, then good-looking consumer products will eventually be abandoned.
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Toyota "door Mats" Give Us What Warning? - Toyota, Mats - The Automotive Supplies Industry

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Toyota "door Mats" Give Us What Warning? - Toyota, Mats - The Automotive Supplies Industry

This article was published on 2010/12/17