Atlantic Toyota Customers: Gas Prices Coming Down With Hybrid Prices while Production for Toyota Going Up

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Atlantic Toyota and Huntington Toyota shoppers may be interested to know that the prices of small and hybrid vehicles they have been looking for are finally decreasing as gas prices do the same. This comes just in time as Toyota Motor Corp will have its production levels back to normal for its popular Toyota Prius by the end of the month.

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There were 20 consecutive weeks of rising gas prices. Although the national average peaked at $3.98, many parts of the U.S. saw gas prices closer to $5. During that time customers, like those at Atlantic Toyota and Huntington Toyota, may have been included in the rush to purchase a smaller vehicle to save on gas or to purchase a hybrid to be more efficient as well.

There were two problems with moving to one of these types of vehicles during the month of May:

  • Prices increased on hybrid and small cars
  • Stock and inventory decreased due to the Japan disaster

Both of these factors made it difficult to, first, find the vehicle a shopper wanted and then, second, purchase one at a reasonable price.

This year the average price on all vehicles in the industry is up about $950, or 5.4 percent. For hybrid vehicles alone, the prices have increases almost drastically to on average $3,000 more than the normal costs. This is a full 20 percent increase. The month of May saw a $300 rise in prices.

Atlantic Toyota and Huntington Toyota customers should know that some analysts don't believe that the rise in gas prices was to blame for the increase in prices, but instead the shortage of vehicles from the Japan crisis was the main factor. Whatever the reason, both occurring at the same time did not have any positive effect whether it was for shoppers trying to buy or dealers trying to sell.

Production is gearing up as June continues for Toyota which means customers will soon be able to have a bigger, better section of Toyota Prii. Also, prices have dropped over the past week by as little as $50 on some models while others are expected to drop as well.


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Atlantic Toyota Customers: Gas Prices Coming Down With Hybrid Prices while Production for Toyota Going Up

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This article was published on 2011/06/15